I’m Hyungtae Lim who is on Ph.D course at KAIST in South Korea and studies robotics. My research topic is about 3D geometry, in particular, I’ve focused on perceiving the surroundings in a robust manner and localizing robot platforms, including mobile robots and autonomous vehicles. I propose various methods for dealing with the effect of dynamic objects, which is one of the important factors to be considered in real-world applications.

(Korean version is also available on my Notion page)


  • Ph.D candidate Electrical Engineering / KAIST - 2020.03~
  • M.S Electrical Engineering(also complete Robotics Program) / KAIST - 2018.03~2020.02
  • B.S Mechanical Engineering / KAIST - 2013.03~2018.02


  • Received Kim Sung-bue Creative Activity Award, from KAIST - 2020.07
  • Received Han Cheolhui Augustine Scholarship, from EE, KAIST - 2019.04
  • Listed on Dean’s list of ME, KAIST (GPA 4.23/4.3 at the semester) - Fall semester, 2015


  • Student Best Paper Award in ICCAS 2020 - 2020.10
  • Hitachi-LG LiDAR application Competition, Grand Prize ($ 5,000) - 2019.08
  • 2018 Smart City Service and Start-up Competition, Excellence Prize - 2018.09

Fun Facts

I won the grand prize at Taeul Singing Competition, which is the largest singing competition of Chungcheong four years in a row!